Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty) Mas Bella Update XXXI

Not wasting time on "La Fea," as I've noted before. Maybe if and when it ever actually gets to the "Ultimos Capitulos." In the meantime, the transsexual laden "Ugly Betty" keeps throwing interesting things and good performances at us. Loved the way they let Walter leave with some honor and how Alexis looks like she's not immune to Betty's goodness. The whole "I didn't know people would react weird if I became a woman" thing is a little hard to swallow, as is equating this Alexis with the mysterious hard-ass from the start of the series. Still, they keep you guessing well, like how far Kristina will sell out before Betty saves her or how, if Rebecca Romjin isn't going to be full-time, they plan to exit her stage-left. No, it's not "Betty La Fea," but it's done a better job at making its mark in the same way than that bloated monstrosity that's covering Univision.

Want some updated news on "Ugly"? Well, here's a story on how it's moved its carrier in Australia to No. 1 in the ratings on that night there. This will give you an idea why it's so popular there. And here's one on the impact the series has had on Hispanic/Latino culture and its perceptions in the US. Worth mentioning is the news that Vanessa Williams is going nude in a magazine again. A little more tastefully in Allure this time apparently than her last venture in Penthouse (do you really need to be reminded the details???). And without that, you know, gross old lesbian stuff. Finally, you know when something has giant cultural impact when either they shave their heads bald or they have academic articles analyzing them. "Not So Ugly: Local Production, Global Franchise, Discursive Femininities, and the Ugly Betty Phenomenon." Yes!! "Discursive Femininities!!!!" Betty, you're golden now.