Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Betty La Fea (Betty the Ugly) Mas Bella Update XI

The Associated Press has a story on "Betty the Ugly" coming up in September on ABC. My good friend Salma Hayek, the show's producer, and America Ferrara are doing the summer press tour for the show and have a couple of good quotes that indicate that there may be hope, despite my previous misgivings, about the American version of "Betty La Fea" and "La Fea Mas Bella."

Asked whether the show's title might offend viewers, Hayek said, "It's sarcastic. Anybody who isn't super skinny and really tall, some people think they're really ugly. We're making fun of it. We're not really calling her ugly."

"I'm sure that the American audience is very thirsty for something like this and they're just going to love it," Hayek said Tuesday at the Television Critics Association's summer meeting. "It's causing a lot of excitement in the Latin community. They will definitely not be able to get enough of this Betty."

And from the star:

"I didn't even know how fat I was until I started acting. I don't feel that way inside," she said. "It seems like the roles that mean something are roles that are flawed and no one else wants."

They do seem to get it. Let's see if ABC does.