Saturday, May 13, 2006

Betty La Fea Mas Bella Update II

From our counter we see that at least a few of our readers are clicking in to see what we have to say about the "Betty La Fea" remake on Univision, "La Fea Mas Bella." As I indicated before, the original was one of the best things to hit TV anywhere, so good that ABC keeps threatening to bring an American television touch to the story, which makes us all hold our breath. The show's been on long enough to get its legs under it now, and, for the most part, it's worth the time of even the greatest of fans of the first version. Mi esposa is seeing it for the first time and really likes it, so that must be proof.

The story is pretty much following the same line as "Betty" and the actors have mostly met the quality of their predecessors. I like the lead male better actually, and the lead female has established a character of her own. It's not the same as the original heroine's, who was frailer and more vulnerable and whose Butthead laugh was better than this one's "hee-hee-hee," but she's going to be all right. Her "father" is not as comic, which is a matter of taste, and the female antagonists, while good, are not quite the equivalents of their counterparts. The biggest problem is in the male "best friend" of the heroine, but he was faced with a virtual impossibility in keeping up with the guy who did "Betty" (not literally, of course). All in all, I have confidence now that it will not shame the classic it copies. And, since the show hasn't gotten so far along that you'd be lost in jumping in yet, you can still enjoy it, with or without a knowledge of Spanish. (I'll check back in in another week or so to find out how much of this I have to recant.)