Sunday, April 30, 2006

Betty La Fea Mas Bella Update 1

I promised a few posts ago to give periodic impressions of the Univision attempt to remake the greatest telenovela of all time, "Betty La Fea," in its "La Fea Mas Bella" version. A week in, I can say that, if you didn't see the original, you're probably going to be enjoying this one. They didn't tamper much with the start of the show, although there are some kids in there that I don't remember and could do without, and the story and characters, while stereotyped and predictable, are too much fun to be bad if you just don't screw them up too much. It's still a little early, but most of the secondary characters look like they'll work out, and the hero is as good as or better than the prototype. The star is the heroine, however, and the actors playing her and her best friend aren't at the same level as the originals. They will be all right, though, and her transformation into the lovely swan should be fun. So, bottom line, it's worth the time, and I'll watch. So should you.