Thursday, May 03, 2007

Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty) Mas Bella Update XXXVII

Saving my final thoughts on the ruination of "La Fea Mas Bella" for its finale, along with the finale of "Ugly Betty," which is fast approaching. In the meantime, some quick updates on some "Ugly Betty" news. It's apparently official that Salma (!!!!) won't be reappearing on the show, although would she really give up the telenovela within the show once in a while? As pregnant as she appears to be, that's a ways off in any case. . . . USA Today runs a fun story on Michael Urie, who plays Marc on the show. The guy's been good, but he's sketchy about his own love life. Is he trying to fake us that he's straight? That is good acting. . . . An "Ugly Betty" musical? The cast has been angling for an all song episode, a la "Buffy" and "Scrubs," and it looks like it might happen. . . . Becki Newton, who plays Amanda as well as Urie does Marc, has a good interview in TV Guide where she professes to have been a "Betty" in her real life but learned a lot about the Amandas from the pleasant young women she apparently met at auditions. She gave herself bowl cuts and wore Doc Martens. That is good acting. . . . You knew it would happen. "Betty"'s glasses have become fashionably hot in Britain. And to think, those folks once gave us the Beatles. . . . Finally, one good thing to say about "La Fea" and it's in the "Ugly Betty" context. Angelica Vale, "La Fea" herself, does a cameo on the season finale May 17. "La Fea" has also been careful to pay nice homage to the best of them all, "Betty La Fea," just before trashing the story and its meaning. Oops, promised to save that for my last "Update."