Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random 10!

I've been occupying myself with other projects for the last while, and I apologize to you, blog, for being neglectful. To ween myself back onto posting, I'm starting easy...hello, Random 10!

1. Backwater, Meat Puppets
2. Jack-A-Roe, Bob Dylan
3. Jazzy Bells, Outkast
4. Bu$hleaguer, Pearl Jam

It's amazing to think that four years ago, Pearl Jam caused a hand-wringing storm by performing this song about this "aristocrat choir" that sings "What's the ruckus?" This is a nonsense song now, and I don't think PJ even performs it that much anymore (verdict: not really), but this was a big deal then. Eddie staked a Bush mask on the mic stand???? LAWSY MERCY!

Here's the song from the Live @ the Garden DVD...

5. A Joyful Process, Funkadelic
6. Section 2 (It's the Sun), The Polyphonic Spree
7. South Bound Suarez, Led Zeppelin
8. Pride and Joy, Marvin Gaye
9. All Right, Cecilia
10. Sweet Black Angel, Rolling Stones

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