Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Report You're Not Seeing in Our Media [Sic]

The London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) said in its annual review of world affairs that governments needed to do more to tackle a resurgent Al-Qaeda as well as limit the damage from global warming.

Its 400-page report assessed that global events from May 2006 to June 2007 were "discouraging," expressing disappointment that bloody violence in Iraq and Afghanistan had not been curbed and the Middle East crisis had deteriorated.

In part, it attributed events like North Korea's alleged nuclear missile tests and Iran's continued intransigence over its disputed atomic power programme on a White House weakened by its post-war policy in Iraq.

But on Islamist extremism, it said the United States and its allies had fundamentally failed to deal with Al-Qaeda, whose ideology inspired by Osama bin Laden had now taken such root that it would take decades to defeat.

Evidence of their failure to tackle the root causes rather than the symptoms of such extremism was seen in a worrying increase in radicalisation among European-based Muslims in the last 12 months, the IISS said.
Meanwhile, the think-tank said there was now a growing -- but still not universal -- recognition that global warming exists, may be man-made and that urgent action was needed to tackle the rise in harmful emissions.

Unchecked, the effects of global warming would be "catastrophic -- on the level of nuclear war -- if not in this century, certainly in the next," it said.

Temperature rises had important consequences for global security, having the potential to increase migration, water and food shortages and potentially exacerbate existing flashpoints and tensions, said the IISS.

In a stark warning, it said action taken by individual countries and the international community in the next few years would determine whether the second half of the 21st century would see instability, human tragedy and war or an easing of and adjustment to climate change, with an emphasis on multi-lateralism.

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