Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 9-12-07

All that waste and nowhere to go. Nuke waste, that is. Tell me again how this gets better when we shift to more nuke for our energy supply? . . . Warmer water into the Mediterranean, not so good for the ecology and water life there. But la, la, la, we’re wiping out 200 more species so why should we care? (And while in that area, Italy is estimating warming is costing it $69b. a year already.) . . . The palm oil harvest disaster in the name of short-term econ development goes on. . . . Thought-provoking post by David Roberts on the need for clarity demonstrated by our misdirected reaction to 9/11, and an even better response in the first comment. (Roberts also catches John Edwards pretending to be green when he’s not.) . . . Over at Climate Progress, great “New Rules for Climate Action.” My favorite is “Politics may be the art of compromise, but the atmosphere isn’t negotiating.” This is always my point here. We act as if we’re in control here and that we can follow the same process we use to determine what the speed limit should be. Nature is not sitting at the bargaining table. It’s going to do what it’s going to do. We have to address that, not assume it away because we think we can tell it what to do now. Also at Climate Progress, a great takedown of all those “moderates” who are assume away the possibility of extreme climate change happening, then tell us not to worry. . . . A new state court ruling whacks the water use (aka waste) that CA farmers have been doing for decades. Think it just affects them? Wait until you see your vegetable bill soon. . . . Burning off the natural gas that comes along with oil production. $40b. a year’s worth. Move along. No stupidity to see here. . . .CNN just now getting to the Arctic ice loss by 2030 story. America’s Most Trusted News Network.

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