Thursday, March 29, 2007

Managing to the Bottom

Can someone please tell me where the management experience is that says that the way to get and keep long-term customers is to fire your high performing employees to hire lower-paid ones? Or that even says that said employees will give a rat’s ass about your business knowing they will be fired if they start costing you too much? Please, please show me. And remember, this isn’t the first time Circuit City has done this and they’re doing it again now because . . . they are losing business!!! Just like Home Depot and every other moronic company that’s using this “strategy” of demoralized and underpaid “help” that doesn’t as much as the talented people they’ve let go did. (And don’t just quote those dumbass “management consultants” cited in the article. Those people are hard-core stupid, the reason why there are so many books out there blasting business "consulting" now, and let’s guess who they voted for in 2004.)