Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Music Bullets, 3-27-07

Some music notes for you...consider this my Weather-Water-Energy, only not nearly as important...

  • First off, John Legend knows his stuff. He was on Real Time last week, and while I don't have HBO, I read the transcript (as I do every week...I'm a nerd), and his answers were at least as good as David Frum's. Then again, that's like saying I'm as good a singer as Sanjaya...not much of a compliment. Anyway, he was good. I know he was a nerd growing up (maybe that's why I like him), and that obviously rubbed off onto more than just his musical skills.
  • Moving on, Trip at Teen Kicks has some choice words for Macca and the maker of choice coffee beans. And by 'choice beans,' I mean 'overpriced beans.'
  • Via largehearted boy, who let's face it, always provides readers with good links (really, I should just link to their posts every day), I find the A.V. Club's "26 songs that are just as good as short stories." My favorite (other than "Boy Named Sue," of course) has to be the fact that "Cortez the Killer" is slowly-but-surely getting more and more notoriety. What a creepy, cool song. Plus, any list that contains both Barry Manilow and Eminem is pretty cool in my eyes.
  • And finally, that Tom Morello...he's the epitome of humble (via RS). “These times, I think, demand a voice like Rage Against the Machine to return. Rage was certainly the most outspoken radical voice in music in the ’90s, and the seven years that Rage was away the country went to hell. So I think it’s overdue that we’re back.” That's one step toward Creed, who once (okay, probably millions of times) said they saved rock and roll, but...well, technically, the country has gone to hell in the last seven years. Get to work, Rage.