Thursday, March 29, 2007

Music Bullets, 3-29-07

  • First up, Where did the music industry go so wrong? "The industry has become decentralized. Major labels no longer have the market muscle or control over the distribution channels as they once did. Technology and consumer choice have caused a shift from the traditional music business model of major labels throwing copious amounts of money behind a few big hits to that of a vast collection of individual artists creating pockets of more moderate success among passionate fan bases."
  • Fresh off of his Exchange with yours truly, Michael Atchison at Teen Kicks has a spirited exchange with his own blogmate, Trip, about Starbucks becoming a player in the music industry.
  • Here's a PopMatters review of Modest Mouse's new (this still sounds weird) #1 album. (And while you're at PopMatters, read this. I'm not saying I even remotely agree with its premise--that the WWF/WWE and politics have become indistinguishable--I just love that somebody came up with that premise. And for the record...yeah, I kind of agree with the premise.)
  • And finally, it's The Roots on Letterman!