Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let that 'tussin get on down to the bone...

One of my favorite Chris Rock bits is where he talks about Robitussin.

When I was a kid, we didn't have no insurance. We didn't have a damn thing. You had to be damn near dead to see the doctor. You had to be way past Robitussin. That's all we had when I was a kid: Robitussin. No matter what you got, Robitussin better handle it.

"Daddy, I got asthma." "Robitussin."

"I got cancer." "Robitussin."

I broke my leg, Daddy poured Robitussin on it.

"Yeah, boy, let that 'tussin get in there. "Yeah, boy, let that 'tussin
get on down to the bone. The 'tussin ought to straighten out the bone. It's good."

If you run out of 'tussin, put some water in the jar, shake it up! MO' 'TUSSIN! MO' 'TUSSIN!
I was thinking of that when I read this WaPo article. Bushnev thinks corporate tax cuts will fix absolutely anything...
President Bush said yesterday that he is considering a fresh plan to cut tax rates for U.S. corporations to make them more competitive around the world, an initiative that could further inflame a battle with the Democratic Congress over spending and taxes and help define the remainder of his tenure.


With most of his second-term domestic legislative agenda in tatters and his strategy in Iraq under bipartisan fire, Bush appears eager to return to familiar issues that animated the beginning of his presidency and might rally disaffected Republicans behind him again.
Budget surplus? Robitussin! Budget deficit? Robitussin! Losing jobs? Robitussin! Losing world standing? Robitussin! MO' 'TUSSIN! MO' 'TUSSIN!

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