Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 8-22-09

Greenpeace doing a nice job of challenging the ASEAN nations on their embrace of “clean” nuke power, making them face the need for safety regulations in place before new construction. The timetable for the regs and then building basically would take nukes out of consideration for energy subs by the time we need to be transitioned. Think that’s part of Greenpeace’s plan? . . . Here’s a shocking headline: China behind in pollution drive. . . . Pearl Jam says not to buy BP Amoco. I'm their biggest fan. . . . Decent summary of renewable energy efforts in states and their varying goals and requirements, especially if you’re into pig power. . . .Joseph Romm supplies the second part of his analysis of why our climate models are likely underestimating the eventual impact of global warming here. . . . A fed court says the Busheviks have to stop delaying release of important global warming reports. Wanna bet if they comply? I’m waiting.

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