Friday, August 10, 2007

Proof That Mister Rogers Was Nice But Misguided Man

I have from time to time gone after that saint known as Mister Rogers and all his fellow "don't conflict, just get along with everyone no matter how stupid or mendacious" colleagues on public television. I hold them personally responsible for much of the idiotic behavior of the Democratic Party as it's handed over our Legacy and Democracy to the plutocrats and bullies of the opposition party. Yes, they're all nice and well-intentioned folks (but, seriously, would you have any of them over to any party you wanted to be fun?). However, the underlying philosophy of their "educational" efforts was always questionable, and using television to sell it basically just promoted use of television. This post lays it all out wonderfully, noting the contribution to our ADD society and politics, but it needed to go to the next step and link it to the resulting milktoast strategies of political party that once was the major hope we had of resisting the loss of our political system. You should never let very many "reasonable" people organize more than the annual songfest. One of the best things that could have happened over the last couple of decades would have been to let the Repubs win in their annual quest to dismantle public television.

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