Wednesday, August 22, 2007

National Association for the Advancement of Confused People

I’ll say this one more time. One of the very biggest issues facing the African-American community in this nation is the disproportionate treatment young blacks, particularly males, get in our criminal justice system and sentencing. There should be rallies and marches and demonstrations and holding all the Dems’ feet to the fire until they vow to stop the New Jim Crow that prison and its collateral effects are. You can surely name a dozen other areas necessary to fulfill the American Legacy for ALL Americans.

And what does the NAACP choose to protest? Michael Vick’s possible conviction by both feds and state for the worst form of animal cruelty (and I’m not a hunter and don’t buy their defenses). And their biggest concern doesn’t appear to be his likely jail time but the NFL’s (likely?) decision to ban him for a longer period once he gets out.

This is what all those marchers risked and sometimes lost their lives for? Michael Vick is the poster child of what you think needs to be defended and fought for now?

I never thought I’d see the day when I thought it was actually better that Dr. King wasn’t around now. Looks like barefaced, determined ignorance is color-blind, too.

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