Monday, August 20, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 8-20-07

Grist, as usual, has several good posts up right now, this one on the news we reported yesterday that biofuels are worse than regular oil for emissions, this one on how water emitted into rivers from nuke plants may be too hot and force the plants to shut down now and again (which is not good news for investors . . . or those wanting regular power), and two from David Roberts on another slapdown of "clean coal" and rare kudos to Nicolas Kristof for getting something right for a change on climate and energy policy. . . . Water problems in the states. The drought in AL (Alabama, not Alaska) is hammering the states' extensive hydroelectric production, too (let's stop using water or energy to solve energy or water problems, shall we?). And OK is losing some of its aquifer water to TX under a court ruling, one of many more to come across the nation in all probability. . . . Meanwhile, as scientists desperately search for ways to feed the global population under global warming, the Chinese say, yes, that's a problem but we want our cars. (As do we, of course.) . . . Finally, to keep you from sleeping tonight, one of the world's top Greenland ice sheet experts is saying we're underestimating what's happening there and may be looking at higher sea levels than predicted. Sleep well.

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