Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 8-14-07

Somehow I don’t feel better: US wants to work with China on climate change: Bush adviser. . . . Over at Grist, good analysis of efforts to place $$$$ on carbon, a great takedown of John Dingell (D-GM), and questioning that all the heat and CO2 will translate into better harvests. . . . Really good article on the problems that Western states face as they look at drought, available water, and alternative uses for it, the politics and personalities, the industries in conflict. These sorts of stories will be much more common in the future and this one should prepare us for how to deal better with the problems they describe. . . . A call in IL for taxes on the plastic bottles we use to drink regular water out of. Given their long-term landfill presence and the possible health effects from leeched chemicals, those bottles make become even bigger targets if this kind of proposal takes off. . . . “Stem canker” turns out to be as bad as it sounds, and, guess what, global warming will spread it and make it worse. . . . At Climate Policy a pretty good series introducing the differences, pros and cons of cap-and-trade and emissions taxes, while David Roberts at Grist ponders the best course for a climate bill in Congress that Bush will certainly veto if it has any power at all. . . . Peak wind speeds don’t always line up with peak energy demands, this SD article points out, but the plug-in vehicle craze to come might deal with some of that, given the nighttime plugging in that will be going on. . . . At Science Daily we learn that the increases in the costs of grains are making non-grain biofuel materials more economically competitive. But, if they start getting used instead of corn, won’t the corn prices start dropping again? Are you getting roller-coaster ride images about now? What intelligent farmer wants to be a part of that? While there, also check out this warning from scientists that, unless nations conserving their forests are given better incentives and rewards, well, why should they keep conserving since the warming will hit them anyway? Anyone smelling “Tragedy of the Commons” here? (Won’t be the last time.)

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