Monday, May 22, 2006

Dems Can't Count on Corruption to Save Them

As the story on William Jefferson, the Dem Congressman from LA, plays out, it will demonstrate the point that lying low and hoping that "corruption" and "Iraq" will be enough to put Dems back on top somewhere, somehow is truly a risky, risky strategy. It will allow the Repubs to do commercial after commercial of a black man taking bribes and playing into racism as well as "everybody does it." It will also help to stunt turnout that will already be put off in some places by the quality of the "sure thing" campaigns and candidates playing it safe and to the mythical "center" (see posts below).

It is more important than ever not just to clearly and loudly repudiate all the Dem corruption that
gets brought to light, even at the cost of adding to the noise, but also to develop meaningful, resonating themes of renewal and progress toward restoring the American Legacy that the DC culture, in which corruption is by nature of who has the power, which is still predominantly Republican, can't even imagine right now, much less pull off. Keeping cool and waiting until the election's over to show what you're made of shows what you're made of, and that's just not a message this country needs right now.