Thursday, May 18, 2006

This is the only time I'll ever link to the Corner...

...actually, no...I won't link there. If you want the link, go to Lawyers, Guns, and Money. That's where I got it. I'll just quote the Doughy Pantload (h/t Poorman...didn't the Editors start that moniker?) instead. From a post about "voodoo atheists", which apparently means people who mock religion but believe in superstition...a.k.a. (for the purposes of his debate) the entire left.

Now, as for the vast part, where to begin? Hollywood? All over the place, Madonna, Oliver Stone, Shirley MacLaine come immediately to mind (let's not even start with the Scientologists). But so does a lot of Hollywood's product. Traditional religion is often treated as a farce, but ghosts and goblins are all about. I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon's, but he has some pretty serious skepticism toward religion, but not to the supernatural.
Okay, never mind the fact that the post as a whole (no, dammit, I'm not posting a link) has disjointed thoughts ("I'm going to stick with the word vast, but I think some people are on more solid footing when they object that these people are part of the 'left.'") on top of bail-out statements ("This is a great topic, but I gotta go.")...Joss Whedon makes fictional television shows about the supernatural, therefore he's not being "skeptical"? I think I just realized why so many people have a problem with the Da Vinci Code. Apparently nothing can just be fiction. If you write about it, you believe in it, and therefore Dan Brown must really believe what he's writing about Opus Dei, etc.

Who knows...maybe Doughy is right...maybe I missed the interview with Whedon in which he says he doesn't believe in religion, but he believes in vampires. But my wife's a pretty big Buffy fan, so I'm pretty sure I would have caught that.