Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Link Roundup...

...we'll call this the "I'm too drained from travelling to come up with any original ideas, so I'll just pimp our blogroll instead" edition...

Alicublog explores the outrage (!!!) of the right stemming from the media's outrageous liberalness (liberality?) in recalling Lloyd Bentsen's most well-known moment in various obits. How dare they.

AMERICAblog talks about how impressive it is that the Religious Right is actually using Mary Cheney's name to spark fundraising.

We have our work cut out for us as you know. In the past few weeks, the media have been filled with appearances by Mary Cheney and others who are working to undercut the importance of marriage to our survival as a society.

The media have delighted in the fact that Vice President Cheney's daughter publicly opposes the very convictions that brought her father's political party into the White House.

At Atrios, it appears Ricky doesn't live here anymore.

All I can say to Avedon is, I feel your travel pain. Your trip might have actually been worse than mine. I actually got my bags.

Billmon admires spats (who doesn't?).

Booman points out that Bush actually admitted a mistake...sort of. Meanwhile, Attaturk makes the mistake of listening to Chris Matthews (seriously, this one's really really bad). Meanwhile, Wolcott talks about the Bush/Blair p.c.

Bush seems to have drifted away from Cheney's clenched certitudes...tapering off in his own aimless direction. For the good of the country, let's hope he doesn't become orphaned and imprisoned within his own presidency, giving us a replay of the embittered, Watergate-haunted Nixon at the end of his rope, when the drapes in the Oval Office began to resemble druid's robes and portraits on the walls became his only companions. We don't need to relive that horror movie again. Not with the glaciers melting, and other, bigger horror movies threatening to unfold.

David finds that Republicans are running out of bribes for the public.

Demosthenes sees Warren Kinsella bragging about the size of his, well, blogstats.

Alan Hartung talks about the one team worse than my Pirates.

Digby finds the Pentagon actually admitting that what happened at Haditha was really really bad. And in his spare time, he's written a great post at Firedoglake about the liberal media taking down Hilary (and all other Democrats). And while we're at it, Echidne chimes in on the Hilary thing too.

I'm confused. Are the two sides of Hillary Rodham Clinton her great knowledge base and her lemon-yellow pantsuit or are they her great knowledge base and the question how often she and Bill have sex? Or does she have three opposite sides: intelligence, pantsuits and Bill's penis needs? All of these seem to frighten Broder. It would probably be better to have a female candidate who is not smart or knowledgeable, who wears pinstripes and who has no husband at all. But then these journalists would write about her hidden lesbianism. Oh wait, they already do that with Hillary...

Broder is wading into some no-no areas here, unless he's willing to do a similar analysis of the marriages of male candidates for the job of the president of the United States. And yes, I know that the Clintons' marriage has been fair game for over ten years now, but it's still wrong to respect the privacy of other political marriages while attacking one of them.

Next we have Holden pointing out that the press corps took a pass on grilling Snow about the Lay/Skilling convictions. And really, why should they bring something like that up? It's not like Lay was the major Bush '00 fundraiser or anything...

Nice. Matt Blunt "doesn't recall being aware" of something. I'm not a big Jay Nixon fan, but here's to hoping he's the next Missouri governor in two years.

At Gadflyer, Josh Holland breaks it down to the most simple components.

Ultimately, getting out of Iraq requires airplanes and ships. Everything else is conjecture, often by people with no real understanding of what's going on in the country and sometimes by the same folks who thought it would all be a grand adventure in the first place.

Glenn Greenwald finds the Hindrocket saying that up is down. A newspaper finally admits that something it printed was false, and Hindrocket says it was basically true.

Matt at Great Society locates one more reason to Feel the Nedrenaline, while Matt Stoller says that Ned and Tester have mojo.

Chris at Interesting Times reads that Dubya is just too darn nice. And ahead of his time.

Lance Mannion has a long post, partially about Gore (which is obviously worth reading), but partially about Claire McCaskill. And anytime a Missouri politician gets mentioned, I'm all over it.

This is very interesting, but I'm too braindead to add anything, so I'll just say that I was married at 27, my wife at 28. Take that for whatever it's worth.

A-Team member (which member of the A-Team he is is your call) Steve Soto gives us the primary list of Democrats who don't care about our rights. None of these names are even remotely a surprise.

At Pandagon, we find Newsweek retracting a dumbass story...and only 20 years later.

Upyernoz flies to the land of cheese and berlin niebuhr (for now, anyway).

And finally, Susie points out a smirk I really didn't need to see.

Ahh, I feel better now. Now it's back to work I go...