Sunday, April 22, 2007

562 Days to Go...

Good old MoDo is at it again. Ugh (via LG&M).

John Edwards has reminded us that even — or especially — in the age of appearances, you must not appear to care too much about appearances.

When you spend more on a couple of haircuts than Burundi’s per capita G.D.P. , it looks so vain it makes Paul Wolfowitz’s ablutions spitting on his comb look like rugged individualism.
Do we really have to go through this again? Every politician--not just male Democrats running for president--puts on makeup to go on TV. Every politician--not just male Democrats running for president--pays a lot for haircuts. We've got Virginia Tech-level disasters taking place every day in Iraq, and part of the reason for it is because MoDo and her minions insist on making these stupid video clips into actual campaign issues. I really really don't want us to fall for it this time.