Friday, April 20, 2007

Vanity plus sloth...

...allow Lance Mannion to introduce you (again) to Orc Logic.

We know better. We believe in God. We don't date crazy foreigners. We are manly-men. If we'd been there this wouldn't have happened. We'd have stopped him somehow. We'd have stood up to him. We'd have caught the bullets in our teeth, slapped the gun out of his hand, knocked him flat with a flick of our finger. We'd have made a gun of our own magically appear in our hand and our aim would have been true and we'd have shot the sucka dead before he could've fired off his first round.

We know we'd have done all this and survived and been heroes because we've told ourselves so a thousand times.

Orc Logic is seductive. It is vanity plus sloth. Self-love and moral and intellectual laziness combined. Once you let it become your habit of thought you are freed forever from self-examination, self-criticism, self-judgment. You are freed from having to worry about your own behavior because you know that you are a better person than they are, whoever they are, and that whatever you do is automatically the right thing because you are not them and whatever they do is wrong.

Orc Logic is extremely useful to people whose politics and moral code are devoted exclusively to defending their money and their privileges. If you know without having to think about it that you are a good person you don't have to listen to any calls to sacrifice and pleas for fair dealing and demands that you do an inconvenient right thing.
I don't have a single thing to add to this. He says everything I would have said, and he says it in an infinitely more creative and literate way (then again, putting things in a generally literate way assures that the point will totally be lost on the Orcs themselves). Just go read it.