Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to Us

A year ago today, Stan greeted visitors to the first ever edition of Good Nonsense. Over these 12 months we've evolved in some ways and intensified in others. Between the dissatisfaction with our politics and not having much new or different to say about the widespread institutional and social debacle that we're going through and the disappointment with the constant mirror-gazing without ridding the planks in our own eyes that afflicts the aprincipled blogosphere, we've backed heavily off the political commentary and gotten more into news updates on special topics of interest or should-be interest. We've also looked more at particular less-covered topics through reviews, interviews, and links.

We know the result may be a bit messy and inconsistently themed. It would be hard to categorize us, like it would be hard to categorize most of the links on our blogroll. But we've reached a point at which we write more for that "long tail" audience that looks around for different things and have given up trying to be a part of that increasingly controlled and directed conversation that is already the new Old Guard. We hope that you've found something here of interest and use over the last year, and we will stay at it for a while, serving that small audience that comes here. We appreciate the visits and the comments and hope that you'll stay, too.