Thursday, April 19, 2007

Random 10!!

I hit a turkey on the way to work today. I came over a hill, and it was flying up over a low shoulder. I saw it about 0.1 seconds (just long enough to flinch) before it made clean contact with the windshield. You cannot imagine the damage this does. It was like hitting a flying bowling ball. Windshield = obliterated. Glass everywhere. So here's a themed Random 10...

1. Jive Turkey, Ohio Players
2. Milkin' the Turkey, Grateful Dead
3. I'll Be Yr Bird, M. Ward
4. Hummingbird, Wilco
5. Bluebird Wine, Emmylou Harris
6. And Your Bird Can Sing, The Beatles
7. Mockingbird, Eminem
8. Bird Food, Ornette Coleman
9. Birds Without Wings, David Gray
10. Bird Sings Why The Caged I Know, Atmosphere

For the record, I've now run over two animals in my life (not counting random bunnies or robins)...neither of which are deer or armadillos or possums. A turkey and a dachsund. I always have to be different.