Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 4-17-07

David Roberts has a couple of really nice posts up at Grist today, one on the continued insistence of US automakers that they are stupid and incompetent and just can’t come up with better cars for a period of global warming and one on how Denmark is somehow able to do the impossible, at least impossible to US economists and pundits, fight global warming and maintain economic growth at the same time. . . . Here, you can find a brief piece on how the changes in environment caused by global warming might lead to “boom-bust” cycles for species and thus make their extinction even more likely. . . . The UN Security Council has figured out there might be, you know, security issues associated with global warming that it should be discussing. Of course, with the US and China as members, good luck with that. . . .Water or power? When electricity generated by water power makes up 60% of power in areas faced with water shortages, increasingly so in the future, what do you do? Of course, that assumes you have water, which south FL may not . . . Storms or sea level rise? Which do you think will whack New England the most in the years to come? Want a different question? . . . Farmers, carbon credits, and getting serious about global warming in ND. . . . USA Today pulls it all together—weather, water, and energy—in a good summary article on what the US faces with global warming. It’s not pretty. . . . Second warmest March in US history, 5 degrees above the average. Nothing to see here. Move along.