Monday, April 09, 2007

Only 575 days to go...

Over at HuffPo, Bruno Giussani has an interesting take on the role of the Internet in the 2008 election.

[T]he campaign up to 2008 will be wild. The tools are still too new, the possibilities too exciting, and a politically mature usage of them will take time to settle in.

Which means that 2008 -- boosted by California moving their primary to February, which changes the whole dynamics -- will probably be a campaign hitched to personality and authenticity, not to policies. That's the only signal that may emerge from the growing noise: leadership. How will this person respond in a crisis? Can I trust him or her to take the right decisions? Empathy and warmth will trump any carefully drafted social-security reform plan. Because with the message blurred by its own multiplicity, the messenger will become the (only) message.

And I have the impression that that's the way Barack Obama and John Edwards are shaping their campaign.
You know my take on it. I do think personality is going to play a huge role, and not only because of the Internet (which was somewhat his point). I have the feeling people are growing desperate for authenticity, which is why Obama and Edwards combined to raise about $40 million in the first quarter...and why Guiliani is leading Republicans.

Of course, Guiliani isn’t actually even 1% genuine and authentic, but it seems he still has the aura...for now, at least...