Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 4-21-07

Quick hits:

  • At RealClimate, they note that their suspicions about reports that the oceans had been cooling were, well, as usual, right.
  • Meanwhile, Joe Romm at Climate Progress has a couple of good catches, one on the truly important news that got deleted from the last IPCC report because US and China objected just stuff on water, famine, and disease, and one on how Australia's food supply looks to be sucking major future air, and not just because its idiot Prime Minister is vacuuming it out of every room he speaks in.
  • And here's Terra Daily's version of the Australia story. Wouldn't it be nice if their PM would be written up as the biggest fool leader of the 21st Century? Too bad someone else already has the lock on that title.
  • Finally, speaking of the latter, it's a sad day when black bears and oak trees understand what's going on weather-wise better than your "president."