Thursday, April 26, 2007


On the heels of my recent post warning you to start worrying about our friend the bee, looks like they may be figuring out what's killing them in such large numbers--a virus and a parasite. But don't get excited that they may have a cure. Seems like a story I heard on radio a couple of weeks back indicated that the problem was feared to be a decline in the bees' immunity systems, which would allow other viruses and parasites access even if we stop these. The problem would be stopping the immunity loss. If that's what the problem really is. In any case, we'll keep watching this because the implications, strange as they may seem, really are enormous. . . . And the Financial Times has glommed onto the problem posed by fraud in the carbon credits markets, with descriptions you should be familiar with from this blog by now but also one or two new things. As we've said before, this "solution" poses more problems than it's worth when there are other, less delegitimizing options available. Just because they say "market," that doesn't mean it's good or that you'll actually be doing good by playing their game.