Monday, April 30, 2007

Only 554 days to go...

Barack Obama has officially become both not authentically black enough, and super-authentic. Well done, Senator Obama.

Meanwhile, "hate is starting to turn off the Christians." Or so says Dana B. I think it's in no way turning off the "Christians" who have made their name on TV as "moral values" watchdogs; instead it's already fully turned off the real-life Christians who have paid attention to more than one or two of their Bible readings.

And finally, if Rudy were a surgeon, it would be okay for him to milk "[his] reputation [formed during a deadly disaster] for crass [careerist] gain is, obviously, despicable", right? Or something like that?

And since I haven't done it in a while...the latest odds:

Obama 45%
Hillary 37%
Edwards 16%
Other 2%

Rudy 36%
Romney 34%
McCain 16%
Other 14%