Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Too Stupid to Even Be Silly Venality of Blog Critics

I’ll let others take apart this tut-tutter’s specific arguments about the riffraff and mediocrity threatening this guy’s culture from blog pollution. I’ll just note that the blogworld resembles, for good or evil, all the other media worlds we possess, with about the same ratio of quality to crap that you see in movies or music or books or tv shows, whatever. Where has this guy, like all blog critics, been as talk radio and Oprah and her spawn and “Jackass” and “Survivor” and “ho” music pull the entire culture down a sink hole? This is the sort of bilge that sounds good at the cocktail parties of the well-credentialed. Are blogs heaven on earth? Of course not. But there are a lot of planks to be pulled from other media’s eyes before blogs deserve this way-too-familiar, self-important crap. Please save your money for quality books. Or read this article that gets it all right instead.