Monday, April 09, 2007

Music Bullets, 4-9-07

First of all, Happy Wedding Anniversary to The Butterfly (and me)! On to the bullets!

  • Via Teen Kicks, I find this weeks-old review of a Roots show in KC. Why am I linking to it if it's a week old? Because you absolutely MUST download this version of "Masters of War" they pulled off. Unbelievable. As a song...well, it's schizophrenic...all over the place. As a performance? Absolutely top notch.
  • Don't forget: Brother Ali's The Undisputed Truth comes out tomorrow. If you even slightly like hip hop, Ali has everything you could possibly want: charisma, talent, wit, scars from a troubled life, and complete and total confidence behind the mic. I don't know how widespread this release will be, and you might have to look for this one, me, it will be worth the effort.