Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fantasy Congress!

Well, a) I got Hear No Evil into my Fantasy Congress league (all the kewl kidz are doing it), and b) the draft has taken place. I got Obama, baby! He’s a legislation wrecking crew! Through two days of competition, here is my roster (with point totals)...I don’t know if I got a bunch of D’s because I said I was liberal or because they’re in charge, so they’re the main point-getters...

- Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC, “Rookie”) – 69 points
- Janice Schakowsky (D-IL, “Supporting”) – 68 points
- James Moran (D-VA, “Allstar”) – 57 points
- Rose DeLauro (D-CT, “Allstar”) – 52 points
- Barack Obama (D-IL, “L. Senator”) – 40 points
- John Larson (D-CT, “Supporting”) – 37 points
- Mark Pryor (D-AR, “L. Senator”) – 32 points
- Pat Leahy (D-VT, “U. Senator”) – 31 points
- David Scott (D-GA, “Rookie”) – 31 points
- Tammy Baldwin (D-WI, “Supporting”) – 31 points
- Pete Domenici (R-NM, “U. Senator”) – 15 points
- John Salazar (D-CO, “Rookie”) – 13 points

A couple other thoughts:

1) I have absolutely no idea how you become an “Allstar” versus “Supporting”.
2) I have absolutely no idea how the points work yet (and how you can anticipate who’s going to be scoring).
3) I have absolutely no idea how my attention is supposed to be maintained over the course of a 583-day season (till this congress is officially done).
4) But I’m going to win, dammit.

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