Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy Quickie

Nice to have other folks catch on to what we've been saying here for quite a while. Read the whole post by Caribdude over at Left Coaster, but here are the key points you should have engraved on your forehead:

Ignorance comes in several forms, the most literal and common form is generally a result of a lack of knowledge or information, which can be cured. But there are other forms of ignorance which are delusional and denial based, where people try to avoid learning more, or push it out of their mind, because, let's face it, Reality sometimes sucks.

Global Warming, Over Population, Depleted Resources and all the problems that ARE coming, yes, even to St. Maarten, can be ignored, for now. You can pretend it's not your problem, you can ignore or avoid having to face and think about it by getting on with your daily life. But I want to make you a promise for the future. In the coming years you are going to discover, sooner rather than later that you have to face Reality, it doesn't just sometimes suck, it also bites.


It is really no longer an issue of Global Warming being a reality, anyone that tells you different is really an utter moron and ignorant, to be ridiculed with the facts. The concern now is how to limit the effects it will have and to cope with the ones we know are coming. And they are coming, have no doubt.

Do you have children?

I don't and I think it's unlikely I will, not because I don't want any, because as I grow older and watch my friends and relatives children growing up I do have fatherly pangs. But knowing what we know about the state of the planet and the future they will have, I think it's best not to. I do wonder though, how those of you who do have children feel about the future they will have.


Do I think we are screwed? Yes, I do, because not only is there no bold decisive visionary leadership to be seen here on the island, but also most people, not really having much of a clue about such issues, wouldn't recognise it anyway. They write to the newspapers complaining about gas prices, using names that are designed to make them appear wise, yet they have no real clue about the big picture.

Reading those links will help you to understand my theory concerning gas prices which is this.

Over the next few years the effects of Global Warming are going to become more and more 'in our face'. People and governments will turn green because they have no other choice. It is already happening, the EU has passed very tight tight targets for emissions, Spain has just opened what will eventually be the world biggest solar mirror power plant. Canada is close behind with North America's largest photovoltaic solar farm and the Uk is planning a tidal power plant. Huge offshore windfarms are springing up all over the world, thirteen countries can now generate over 1000 MW, Germany leading the way with over 20,000 MW and more are planned.

Because the Oil Companies know this change is coming, they are milking and reaping great profits and by not investing in refineries, they are making sure the price for oil stays high in it's dying days. Why invest money in a dying industry?