Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday Blogroll!!

I’m off work today (Happy Harry Truman Day!), so it’s time to see what our impeccable (and growing) blogroll is coming up with...let’s get to it!

Being that it is Harry Truman’s birthday, I guess we should mention that not everybody agrees on, shall we say, the level of his greatness (Existentialist Cowboy).

For a second or two, I actually thought this was real (Skippy)...that’s a bit of an indictment of myself, but that’s an even bigger (I hope) indictment of how much I think of my president’s decision-making abilities.

Garance Franke-Ruta’s horrid “You can’t lift up your shirt till you’re 21!” proposal is getting justifiably slaughtered. Roy at Alicublog is happily up to the task of addressing this stupidity, as is Avedon, and Mannion (for that matter, so is non-blogroller Jon Swift). Echidne takes a more measured tone. So does Scott at LG&M. Me? I’m just glad that the country has started to realize that electing people who would create laws based on what makes them feel all icky inside might not be a good idea. Still a ways to go, of course, but...yeah. How about we enforce the laws we have (i.e. underage drinking) and see what that does first? Just a thought.

I knew I was going to link to somebody’s post about how the Kansas National Guard (and equipment needed to help repair the Kansas town that was 95% wiped off the map this weekend) is in Iraq and unable to help with the full force they normally would...I just couldn’t decide who would get the honors. We’ll give the honor to Steve Soto at Left Coaster.

What’s worse...a) that we have something that could be even reasonably considered concentration camps, or b) that we won’t let the UN in to take a look at them (Alter Destiny)? USA! USA!

Oh, and those levees? 100% fixed. Honest (Attytood).

House Dems unveil their new Iraq plan (BooMan). Not bad. No mandatory withdrawal date, but it requires the issue to come back onto the table soon, which I’ll take. Talk Left shares some thoughts as well.

And speaking of ‘not perfect, but not too shabby,’ Grist discusses Obama’s recent speech about CAFE standards.

April consumer credit is way up (CorrenteWire). But everything’s fine. Nothing to see here.

George Soros is one of the most FEARED MEN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! (C&L)

Overton Window = the Scientology of think tank strategy (Demosthenes).

Conservatives have only been feminizing liberals for 200 years (Digby...and FDL)...let’s keep being really reasonable with them and hope they end up seeing things our way. Isn’t that right, mainstream media? And speaking of media, the KC Star takes some, shall we say, creative liberties (Fired Up! Missouri) with a McClatchy story and makes it just a wee bit more GOP-friendly. And nobody so vividly illustrates the media’s faults better than Glenn Greenwald. You mean Brit Hume isn’t a serious journalist?? Wha??? So...why exactly does the media suck (Dana B.)?

So how long until people notice that Afghanistan is no longer under our control (First Draft)?

Tom Wolfe says Bushnev is relatively well-read (Wolcott). Well that settles that!

Liberal Oasis has your Sunday talk show wrap-up. You’ve been warned.

Phoenix Woman at Mercury Rising talks about the past, present, and future of the progressive blogosphere.

David at Debate Link details yet another way that a Democratic DOJ will have to make significant repairs.

And you knew I couldn’t go without at least one link to the fact that 3 of 10 Republican presidential candidates don’t believe in evolution (Pandagon), didn’t you? And one who does believe in evolution doesn’t really believe that having a BFF with mob ties is really a problem.

The discussion thread in this Upyernoz atheism post is very much worth reading. I don’t consider myself an atheist (I know what I’m not more than I know what I am), but most of the atheists I’ve known/read have explained their position very well. And I’ve seen too many examples of them trying to win anybody over until confronted. I respect that too.

Let your asthma flag fly (Susie Madrak). I like this.

And finally, this is fantastic (TBogg). Never say liberals are too shrill for humor.