Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Friday Night Lights" or Friday Night Lights?

During a well-deserved rant against the TV network suits, Bob Sassone at TV Squad went off on NBC’s placement of Friday Night Lights on a bad tv night next season:

Yeah, and a new one begins. This is a show about community and family and football, right? So why put it on Friday nights at 10, which is probably the only time slot worse than Saturday nights? It's as if NBC said, "OK, it's not getting great ratings, but we're going to stick by it. Sort of." I've always wondered why NBC doesn't just dump Sunday's Football Night In America and put Friday Night Lights in there instead. Sure, it's up against 60 Minutes, but Sunday night has a built in audience for football, and there's a game on right after. And with dad, mom, and the kids all home on Sunday nights, I think they'd find an audience.

Uh, Bob, here’s why it’s even stupider. What’s going to be happening on Friday nights this fall in every town in America??? It’s called . . . high school football. NBC just took a show with a presumed audience of high school football fans and scheduled it when those people WILL ALL BE AT THEIR SCHOOL GAMES. That’s right up there with ABC scheduling “Ugly Betty” opposite “La Fea Mas Bella” on Univision, a class of idiocy that could only happen in TV and DC. And anywhere else Jim Inhofe lives.

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