Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mannion discovers Huff...

I love it when he writes about stuff I watch. Well, watched...

Here’s a guy with a great job he’s very good at. He has a beautiful, loving, sexy wife who looks great in a blue teddy and even better after she wriggles out of it, a condition she enjoys attaining for his sake and more importantly and more erotically exciting for her own; who misses him when she wakes up in the middle of the night and finds he’s not in bed with her; who worries about him; who puts up with his bizarre mother and the rival demands from his clients for his time and attention; who still manages to be an intelligent, talented, successful person in her own right and have a life apart from being his wife. He has a preciously wise and compassionate teenage son who worries about him and tries to be there to take care of him.

Ok. His mother is nuts. And his beloved younger brother is schizophrenic. And his best friend has a self-destructive streak and apparently thinks that the best thing for him to do about it is try to drag Huff along for the downward ride.

But on the whole Huff has it pretty good.
I always said about Dylan's "Desolation Row" that it's an anxiety attack set to music. Well...this is an anxiety attack on digital film. Your chest is tight the entire episode as Huff's life falls apart a little bit more each episode, but in some strange way you still end up jealous of him. It's like, if you could take over his life, you could put it back together and get to enjoy the great house...Paget Brewster* in bed...etc.

* As we continue to enjoy reruns of Andy Richter Controls the Universe on one of the HD channels, I am constantly reminded of just how wonderfully underrated Paget Brewster is. She plays 'stressed out' as well as anybody, she plays the bitchy boss as well as anybody, she's got phenomenal comic timing, she's smoking hot...we'll just say she has a lot going for her. I'm sure it was a relief for her to end up on one of those CBS crime dramas (I don't even know which one)...even though it probably doesn't maximize her talents, it's not constantly under threat to get cancelled...there's gotta be some comfort in that.

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