Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Only 532 days to go...

So Giuliani's doing so well in Iowa that he's thinking about skipping it altogether. Repubs really seem to be catching onto the fact that their candidates are horribly flawed. I think last week's "I will torture better than you" fest turned off as many people as it turned on (then again, the party seems to be united in wanting to ban Ron Paul from future debates, so maybe it turned off no one), and even though guys like Newty and Fred Thompson aren't any better, the fact that they're not out revealing their horrid flaws on a daily basis is starting to be a good thing. All the parity helps Romney, I think, with his good standing in Iowa and his strong fundraising, but...if anybody other than Hillary gets the Dem nod, I'm thinking it might be a trouncing in the general election.

New Rep Odds:

Romney 28%
McCain 25%
Giuliani 23%
Newty 12%
Thompson 12%

New Dem Odds:

Obama 40%
Hillary 29%
Edwards 23%
Other 8%

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