Monday, May 28, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy, Memorial Day Edition

Just links today, but follow them through. Lots of good stuff.

At Climate Progress, permafrost melt and crooked buildings in AK (Alaska, not Arkansas), turkey poop for fuel, Prisoner's Dilemma issues in getting climate action started (but also "first-mover" advantages), and James Hansen quotes and why linearity in warming events is bad enough but the future is likely to be nonlinear (and worse).

At RealClimate, why climate models are good globally but harder put locally and whether glacier melt will level off or go all the way to zero.

At Grist, praise for the latest National Geographic catching our glacial world before and as it disappears, proof that airlines (especially the odiously happy and self-impressed Southwest) are immoral, Schwarzenegger blowing smoke on warming as he promotes sprawl and cuts mass transit, Australia as a role model of what not to do and will we in the US pay attention (short answer: no), and the definition of "greenwash" (BS from corporations claiming now to be "green"--the dictionary actually has a more formal version).

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