Friday, May 11, 2007

Good News and Evil

On the one hand, the Motion Picture Association of America is finally getting serious about whacking at the gratuitous smoking in movies (the films, not the theaters) by adding warnings to the ratings system. "Good Night, and Good Luck" was the only movie I've seen in years in which there was any justification for smoking. So good news there. But then there's this, yet another "professional" telling his potential clients that he will not serve them despite his profession's obligation to do so and his willing joing of that profession. An idiot doctor in OK is p--ssed that policymakers won't pass a law to lower his insurance payments so he can "buy a nice big boat" so he says, unless they're dying, just go on to TX because he won't treat them, just like those pharmacists who don't like women having sex and refuse to provide legal birth control. Where does this end? Teachers who won't teach those A-Rab kids? Lawyers who won't defend idiot doctors? The moron is getting bad pub from the tirade, so others aren't likely to be as public, but we've slipped even worse than we've thought if this line of thinking advances in what are supposed to be United States.