Monday, May 07, 2007

Random 10!

Time to shamelessly rip off an idea from Erik Loomis of Alter Destiny. Let's add a little extra to the Random 10 by saying a little something about the first song on the list. Works for me!

1. Bluebird Wine, Emmylou Harris

About three years ago, a bunch of remastered Emmylou cd's were released, and I picked up Pieces of the Sky and Elite Hotel, both from 1975. Covers abound on these albums, but the most timeless piece to me was an original, "Bluebird Wine." Depending on the mix, this song could be used as a template for about 9 different genres. As it is, it's a precise telling of where country was in the mid-'70s. Bump up the guitar, and you've got pretty solid alt-country. Make the rhythm guitar electric, and you've got a pretty solid rock song. Okay, that's three genres, not nine. Still a fantastic song. Plus...bonus points for the key change at the end, where they decide to jam out the song a little while longer. Emmylou's had one of the strangest careers in history. She's more revered now than when she had hit albums. She's hotter now (with white hair) than when she had hit albums. She's been the go-to backup vocalist for everybody from Bob Dylan to Dave Matthews to Conor Oberst. Until I bought these two remasters, I couldn't have named a single song of hers, but I'd held her in super-high regard for over a decade. Like most past country stars, she's known by one name. Like I said...interesting career.

2. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 (live), Flaming Lips
3. Identity (live), Pat McGee Band
4. The Way That He Sings (live), My Morning Jacket
5. Lillian, Egypt, Josh Ritter
6. Shoe Box, Barenaked Ladies
7. #36 (live), Dave Matthews Band
8. Ghost of You, Hannah Wolff Band
9. If It Wasn't for You, Handsome Boy Modeling School
10. Stevie Nix (live), The Hold Steady all, this was the most homogenous Random 10 ever.