Friday, May 18, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 5-18-07

"Deadlock" is what they're calling the UN talks to get a global warming conference set up in Indonesia. Yes, the US is messing with them, but the underdeveloped nations are, too. They have some good points:

Some developing countries also wanted more progress on funds to adapt to climate change already happening, and on discounts on clean energy technologies.
"We've been talking about it for 10 years, where is it?" said the major developing nation delegate.

But then again they also have their share of dumbasses:

"Villages that don't have power will never get power and those that do will have power cuts," said the head of one influential developing country delegation, declining to be named. "Why should I cut? I didn't create the problem."

Uh, try extinction, jerkoff. China, of course, is trying to pass itself off as one of the underdeveloped needing help, unsuccessfully, but the oil-rich Middle East might be able to pull it off if they work it right. . . . Water around Japan warming more than rest of ocean. Some global warming, but not all. Study underway. . . . Great review of Bill Richardson's energy plan, best out there so far. Full details in the post, but here are the major recs:

Cut oil demand: 50% by 2020
Change to Renewable Sources for Electricity: 50% by 2040
Dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions: 80% by 2040
Lead by example and restore America as the world's leader
Get it all done without breaking the bank

I've made clear my preference for a carbon tax as the immediate policy option for conservation, but some come down on it because it would be a regressive tax. Turns out, not so much. . . . Folks in South FL may be getting permanent water use restrictions. . . . Fuel<---hydrogen<---aluminum??? Apparently. . . . Finally, the bold global warming legislation in VT that we've commented on occasionally? About to be vetoed by the state's gov. Would hurt state business. Republican, of course. Let's check how honored his name is in 10 years.

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