Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knocked Up

Saw "Knocked Up" today. It's good. Don't have much to add that the other bloggers haven't hit on. Didn't get as much out of the stoner guys as some reviewers, but it may have been because my wife was with me. The Boy and I used to go to some teenage sex movies without her (with no askance looks from others in the audience, I assure you) because she thinks some things and guys are too gross for words, much less to laugh at. It's good she didn't visit The Boy more often at college, I think, especially his last year getting his MBA.

In any case, the story is good, sweet, and responsible, which are neither liberal nor conservative, and neither group should condemn or claim the movie. How low have we gotten in our discourse when two oddly matched people fall in love and start a family, whether it was their original plan or not, causes debate? The movie is right. Make your plans, make yourself ready to have them blown up, take responsibility for what you get, and move on. That's a message we need to hear a lot more of in our movies, one every segment of our society should take seriously. Let's hope this starts a trend in Hollywood. The Boy and I will keep taking my wife if they will.

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