Monday, June 18, 2007

Price Limit for Paying at the Pump

I came across this article. It seems that some credit card companies have a limit on how much you can spend at a gas station. The credit companies say that this is a precaution help protect you at the pump.

"Credit-card companies say the policies, which aren't new, are designed to ensure that merchants and consumers are protected from fraudulent transactions that could occur at a gasoline pump... For MasterCard customers, it's $75. Users of Visa and Discover have a $50 pay-at-the-pump limit. Transaction limits vary for holders of corporate cards and users of American Express."
While consumers say:
"When I go to the gas station, I now have to use two credit cards just for one tank of gasoline," said Paul Brisgone of Oxford, Pa. "Kind of defeats the convenience of pay-at-the-pump."
Got to say this is the first I've heard of this. I've been on some massive road trips over the years and never encountered this problem (and with my luck, I would have). Yet another reason, I'm glad I don't own a motor vehicle.

(Photo: gbleakmore)

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