Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 6-17-07

They told us so. Good article on Native American reaction to the arrival of global warming after generations of their warning us what our rejection of their credo of taking from nature no more than we needed would lead to. I'm sure it's small consolation, but there still may be more we can learn if we listen to them. . . . Speaking of prices to pay, that first ever cyclone to ever hit Oman in the Middle East? Right now looking like almost $4b. Think insurance companies are going to let Inhov and his other morons go unchallenged much longer? . . . Very nice overview of the mismanagement of the world's fresh water supply and our responsibility for doing it and fixing it. . . . Interesting book review on the multiple vulnerabilities of the US electricity grid. Did I say "interesting"? More like "scary." . . . Calls for Spain to switch fully to renewables here and claims that Russia will do more to reduce greenhouse emissions here. We'll see where they go. . . . Things the US House of Reps is doing to go green. Seem fairly substantive but the symbolism is welcome, too. . . . Finally, want to go to Live Earth? Want to get a message to presidential candidates? Just want to win something? Try out this contest.

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