Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I didn't post a Rant™ last week because I was driving to Oklahoma and trying to avoid getting hit by lightning. This week I was getting ready to prepare a fresh Rant™ but just didn't have the energy. So instead I'll just post this from Pat of Where's Van Slyke, who writes a lot more about this sorry team than I do:

No podcast this week because, well, it's just not worth it. I'd just be rehashing things I've already said and I don't really have any urge to do that. Here's the thing; the Pirates are a bad baseball team. Very bad, in fact. Their lineup is bad, their rotation is bad beyond Gorzelanny and Snell, and their bullpen is awful. Their minor league system is bereft of talent besides Walker and McCutchen. Things are so bad down there that we view Brian Bixler as a major talent. The front office lacks any kind of vision whatsoever. They drafted a relief pitcher with the fourth pick in the draft. It's just very hard for me to put any sort of brainpower into the Pirates when things seem so cut and dried right now.
Pretty much says it all. Please fire Dave Littlefield so I can go back to caring and ranting. Pretty please.

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