Wednesday, June 27, 2007


...I suppose I should be flattered by this.

Quickly, the rules:

Here are the rules: Eight random facts or interesting lies about yourself. Send me the link to your post when you're done. Tag 8 more people. Drop a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged. Don't sit by your maibox waiting for thank you notes from those you've tagged.
Eight random facts? This is suddenly reminding me of every college and work 'get to know you' exercise where I'd think and think for hours and not be able to come up with a single fact.

And now I have to come up with eight. Well...I didn't have anything specific I wanted to accomplish this evening anyway...

1. I owe alcohol for my marriage.

And in a good way.

I met The Butterfly at an MBA Happy Hour. It was being held at a nice local eatery/drinkery, and I knew the manager. He called me 30 minutes before Happy Hour began, told me to wake up my roommate (a fellow MBA'er), and get down there because they had...wait for it...DAY FRESH BUDWEISER! That's right, Budweiser with a born-on date of that very day. Oh baby. So I wake him up, head down there, drink day-fresh Budweiser (which tastes the exact same as 20-day Budweiser, 40-day Budweiser, 120-day Budweiser, and likely 1,000-day Budweiser), and schmooze. My roommate called me over to meet this girl from Oklahoma. Being that I too am from Oklahoma (and she was completely and totally resisting his advances), I must have just a ton in common with her, right?

Right. And 25 months later, we were getting married. At a winery, no less.

(The Butterfly is compelling me to mention that she was a Designated Driver that night. She doesn't want you to get the wrong idea.)

2. I bought The Butterfly all 5 seasons of Smallville for our 2-year wedding anniversary. She bought me a watch. We both got exactly what we wanted.

(And I secretly enjoy the show. Wait...I guess I haven't kept that secret very well, have I...)

Oh, and I bought her all 6 Star Wars DVDs for her birthday...and she loved it. It's safe to say I probably married the right girl.

3. I really want an iPhone. And I really don't need one.

4. In college, I drove 2,000 miles roundtrip in a weekend for a basketball game, then got a B+ on a test Monday morning. (I got a C on the following test, coming off a weekend when I didn't drive to Albuquerque.)

Third gear in my truck went out about 300 miles into the trip. You should try driving to Albuquerque (uphill all the way) without third gear sometimes. You haven't lived.

5. I've seen Willie Nelson in concert three times.

6. I think One Crazy Summer is John Cusack's best movie. Okay, that's a lie. High Fidelity and Say Anything both have it beat...along with like 17 other movies.

But I do think that Rio Bravo is the best John Wayne movie, for whatever that's worth.

7. I accidentally shaved a diagonal bald spot into my head before heading to OK for an ex-girlfriend's wedding. You know...wouldn't want her to see me looking all good and stuff and start regretting her decision or anything...

8. In my one trip to Vegas, I ate a 3x3 Animal Style with Animal Style fries at In-N-Out Burger twice in back-to-back days.

I should also mention that I weigh less than 200 pounds...though I'm a lot closer than I'd like to be...

And now...the lucky tagged...apologies in advance go to the following (and I'm only choosing six because I don't think enough people like this blog to hate me for tagging them and still visit again someday):

Erik Loomis
Michael Atchison AND Trip McClatchy

And finally...
Hear No Evil
Berlin Niebuhr

Heh heh heh...

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