Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our Hope for the Future

Not really going to say much about this new poll showing the Dems tanking because they’ve attached themselves to the Repubs on Iraq despite all their claims to the contrary. Other bloggers have much more and better to say on this in particular. My only addition to it would be that the Dems attaching themselves as they have was predictable and predicted. (Here, as a matter of fact.) Having them in the majority is better than having Repubs on the margins, but the change needed from traditional Beltway ways requires a revolutionary, confrontational mindset, not the blather and pabulum that have made the Democratic Party what it is today. (I’m not the only one with this “doom and gloom” view. Here’s from a recent MIT report, quoted in the Financial Times, that shows college grads falling behind economically: “only a re-orientation of government policy can restore the general prosperity of the postwar boom.”)

I’ve pretty much stopped commenting on what’s happening politically because it’s a waste of time and scarce mental energy. We have serious problems but no leaders who seriously get it in more than a couple of components, at best, and the cliff is speeding up at us fast. I’ve said here before that it may be that we will just have to go off that cliff and wait to see what pieces can still be picked up before we do what’s necessary to save our democracy. I believe that more than ever after the last year. It’s not going to happen from any of those folks playing the “debate” games this week. They don’t have the capacity to see what’s happening and needed, sorta talking but not really walking. Gore finally does, but has wisely decided to stay out of it at this point. He knows how hard it is to wash off the taint. It really is going to take that cliff to make us wake up. It took a Great Depression and a World War to make us ready for this guy. Hopefully Al will still be around.

[As if you need any more proof of the Dems’ dangerous incapacities, just note that the Congressional Dems are sponsoring legislation to wipe out the landmark auto emissions agreement led by CA and other states, in a move to take power on the fed level and support reps from coal- and auto-producing states. And Pelosi is from where? These are the people we really expect to save us? Seriously???]

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