Friday, June 29, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 6-29-07

Before he trots off on vacation, David Roberts cautions us to be alert to the extreme sensitivity of consumers to any policies that whack at their finances and deal with that accordingly. I agree, of course, but I’m doubtful that it will be possible to soothe their precious sensitivity, likely demagoguery or not, especially if we dither around while remediable actions are still somewhat possible because we’re being overly sensitive to consumers’ sensitivities. As we’ve noted here in posts and book reviews, the kind of scarcity and planning needed to deal with the future we’re facing does not lend itself well to democracy, as this article discusses thoroughly. Worrying about voter reaction to a hike in gasoline taxes may bring on something that doesn’t require voters at all. . . Does this make you feel better about how we’re supposed to turn to nuke power for our salvation? And that the Europeans, especially Germany, have been the best at dealing with global warming so far? . . . CARTOON OF THE WEEK over at Climate Progress. It would be funnier if it were about some other country. . . . Looks like 1998 is safe for being the warmest on record. 2007 is on track to only be the second warmest. Whew. . . . The major drought in GA is finally getting officials there to consider, maybe, perhaps, possibly developing a tentative, could-be water plan. . . . Speaking of needing to plan, an energy expert is telling KY, yes, your state can be a big coal-to-liquid producer but there are these little things you ought to look at first that could, you know, screw you up royally. . . .Looks like Shell's going to start getting more of my business. AND the guy's basically saying President Cheney's past claims about the silliness of efficiency are (surprise) just bullsh-t. . . . Good and symbolic at the same time. The gov’s mansion in CO is getting solar panels. . . . This headline sounds ominous for CA—“Study Estimates Greenhouse-Gas Law Could Cost State Economy At Least $100 Billion”—until you read the time period is 43 years. That damn liberal media. . . .

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