Monday, June 11, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 6-11-07

Quick hits today, but they're all good. Check them out.

  • Joseph Romm has his usual interesting catches up, including the proactive, positive steps Denver is taking against global warming that are called a "crackdown" on city residents by one of the newspapers there; stories about tequila going up in smoke in Mexico as ethanol rises (between the loss of barley and hops to corn and tequila plants (wouldn't that be cool if they were real?), college students will be the greenest folks on the planet; China being better on coal-to-oil and ethanol than the US (good god); NY Times calling out the Dems for their prolonged failure on energy; and Paris Hilton caught car-pooling the other day (and in tears with happiness!!).
  • From Science Daily, this story on how the growing salinity of oceans may forecast areas most affected by climate change.
  • And from AL (Alabama, not Alaska), this story on how the state is getting hammered by the drought there (not to say global warming is, you know, likely behind it and bringing more). If this were happening up north or in CA, they'd be citing it as proof of God's wrath on sinners. But disasters happening to "believers" are just signs of how much God loves them. That way, there's no reason to sit down and actually figuring out how you might be getting payback for supporting and participating in the screwing up of His creation. And they'd still vote for Bushnev.

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