Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weather, Water, Energy 6-12-07

Big support for wind power in TN. . . . Good article on the how-to of carbon sequestration, honest to a fault on how the “solution” only is a stop-gap that at best would give humans a century of use before its limited effect would be over. . . . May be too late for Caribbean corals, though. Warmer water from climate change killing them off. Wish we could say it was a surprise. . . . Another feature of warmer water: bigger ocean waves. To quote the philosopher Ricky Bobby, “This is not good.” . . . A feature to expect more of in the future, of course brought to us by China—“energy police”—who go around nailing excessive power users. . . . Even Death going green around the world: green coffins in Britain, green death pyres in India. Honest to God. So to speak. . . . Good analysis of why nuke power, despite all the right-wing support, has investors concerned in this country and may not get off the ground outside of Southern states whose disappearance would actually make this nation a better place (the last, my addition to the post, not the post’s author’s).

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